Holland Lops

My Rabbits are Family 

Breeding since 2016
Rabbit lover/owner since 1978

I handle each bunny from the time it’s born.
I want my bunnies to be part of your family, not a rabbit in a cage.

Located near Clarksburg, West Virginia. Visit my website for more information : www.LisasHollands.com

Holland Lops are the smallest lop ear breed, they weigh 3-4 pounds, though some get as big as 6lbs and some as small as 2lbs! They are characterized by their chunky thick build, including a bulldog head, tree trunk legs and short, thick lop ears.

Holland Lops are a dwarf breed, that means that they carry the dwarf gene. A rabbit with one dwarf gene is a true dwarf, which is more likely to have that desired bulldog head, thick build and short ears. A rabbit with no dwarf gene is a false dwarf, these may have longer ears, a thinner head and not be as thickly built. When breeding two true dwarfs you may get peanuts, this is a rabbit with the double dwarf gene, which is fatal because it causes digestive problems.