Rabbitry Update

Morning all!

Thought I would do a small update. I gave nestboxes to Belle and Seneca, they started making a nest. They are due the 21st. I also have Lucca and Alaska expecting also.

Aspen’s 6 has been adopted. I don’t have anything available right now. I don’t have a lot of bunnies at once. I like my bunnies tame and started litter training. I also say raising bunnies is a hobby and it’s supposed to be fun. And I totally enjoy my bunnies.

I do keep a waitlist, because it makes it easier finding homes. I do not charge anything to be on my list. I know some charge a fee. I do not.

I do everything through my website LisasHollands.com, and text 304-695-9821. I do not do anything through FB.

As far as pictures and videos. I have been very busy. I do pictures and videos as I can. I think I do way more than other breeders.

Everyone have a great day!

Rabbitry Update

It’s a very cold and snowy morning. Everybunny is doing well, Alaska I assume isn’t expecting. She’ll have a date with Jax next week.

I have 3 gals due towards the end of the month. For information visit my website at LisasHollands.com

My hubs is off today, so I probably won’t take pictures today. Maybe not the weekend according to how busy I’ll be.

I do not have anything available for Easter.

Have a great day!

What do I include?

What do I include with your bunny. My pet bunnies come with a birth certificate.. quart size bag of pellets and a care sheet.

My pets are 125

My pedigreed bunnies come with a 3 generation pedigree. Only time I suggest a pedigree if you’re going to breed. I don’t consider my rabbits show rabbits. A quart size bag of pellets and a care sheet.

My pedigreed are 150

I do have a rabbit care page on my website Click Here