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It a brisk 33.. but the high for today is 69.. rabbits do well in the cold.. it’s the heat that bothers them.. my rabbits live in a very solid hutches.. the flooring is 1/2 inch plywood .. and they have a blanket they can lay on.. some do and some don’t.. I have always had outside rabbits .. I am 50.. I have had rabbits since I was 8.. I do have a couple in my bunny room including my English Angora Arlo.

I am going to be cleaning and doing health checks and trimming nails today.. I am cleaning everything.. litter boxes.. water and food bowls.. and it takes awhile.. I also use my huge shop vac to sweep out old hay.. random poo balls.. and fur.. then I use a spray bottle with vinegar and water to wipe the floor and walls.. the cleaner you keep things the better they’ll use the litter box.

Every bunny will be in the exercise pens.. they love it and they wait at the door for their turns.. I treat my rabbits as pets.. because that’s what they are.. most know their names..I used to just want chocolate i was obsessed with getting that color.. what I over looked that they have personalities and feelings.. I go by personalities now.. and breed for that.. the best pets.. and not just a rabbit in a cage.

Health checks.. I get them out put them on the table.. feel for lumps.. bumps.. comb out loose fur.. check ears and eyes.. weigh them.. trim nails. I try to do this every 30 days.. also when I get them out everything I do a quick check..

I may have one blue eyed white available.. if I decide not to keep.. I’ll decide when she’s 6 weeks.. Oakley is due November 7th.. she’s bred to Jax.. color expected.. chocolate tri/ chocolate harlequin.. in vm/vc.

I will be taking a few pictures today..

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